The moment of Su Ho (EXO) joking around Seul Gi (Red Velvet) caused a fever online

Fans enjoyed the interaction of two SM idols.

Recently, Suho and Seul Gi’s fan cam segment at SBS Gayo Daejun was spread around by fans on social networks. At the end of the show, when all the artists came out to the stage to greet the audience, the two SM groups EXO and Red Velvet showed their intimacy when standing close to each other, constantly chatting.

In particular, Su Ho and Seul Gi’s lovely interaction received the attention of the fan community. When the station fired confetti to show the end of the show, the flowers falling on the junior’s shirt, Su Ho innocently bent down to blow. Seul Gi’s reaction was a bit unexpected, but she also turned to look at Su Ho, the two of them laughing with ease.

Commenting on the jokes of two idols, many expressed their interest. Some comments on Twitter: “Su Ho is so cute, Seul Gi was surprised that he blew it away”; “You two look so happy together. SM family is the best”; “Su Ho is close to Seul Gi just like Red Velvet’s sixth member”; “Since it’s Su Ho, Seul Gi just let it be, if it was another person, he would have been beaten”; “Not a fan but these two are so cute”; “The friendship is very beautiful. They have been trainees for a long time and now are the top idols” …

Besides the friendship between Su Ho and Seul Gi, the fans also took a look at another interesting video about Wendy (Red Velvet) and J-Hope (BTS). While the other BTS members only bowed, J-Hope approached Wendy to greet her with a wide smile. The intimate conversation of two idols made fans feel warm. They think that the interaction of idols like this is one of the reasons why the year-end shows are crowded with fans.
J-Hope and Wendy’s close relationship at the event.

After SBS Gayo Daejun, Kpop fans are anxiously waiting for the upcoming KBS (December 28th) and MBC (December 31th) music festivals. These programs all have special idols and groups, promising to bring many interesting interactive scenes.

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