The misandry controversy surrounding Brave Girls Yuna spreads to IU

The untimely criticism towards Brave Girls Yuna has shifted towards the singer IU.

The gaze of some male-only community netizens who claimed that Brave Girls’ Yuna was wearing a feminist T-shirt is now turned on IU. IU is alleged that the shirts she wore in the past broadcast that read a feminist slogan.

On the T-shirt that IU wore the line ‘IF YOU ARE NOT ANGRY. YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION’ was written on.

Also netizens found a link leading to an online shopping mall selling that T-shirt with the name ‘IF YOU feminist T-shirt’.

They also raised several claims the books and movies IU has recommended when talking to her fans filled with the feminist message. Along with this, they told the story about the advice she gave to Yeo Jin-goo, who took part in the drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’ with her in July 2019, in the press conference of the drama, saying ‘beware of the word masculine’.

However, it is also pointed out that such an interpretation is an unreasonable accusation. From the beginning IU’s T-shirt can be seen in many other shopping mall even not related to feminism and this is a slogan commonly used in other protests (not only in feminist protests) as well.

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