The miracles at BlackPink and BTS concerts made the fans say: music really has no borders!

The story of a special fan at BlackPink’s concert recently touched the hearts of many, it also affirmed that music really has no borders!

Recently, BlackPink had their first concert of the North American tour called “In Your Area” in Los Angeles. In addition to the amazing performances and stages with the appearance of many famous stars like Harry Styles, DJ Snake, …, one thing happened at the concert attracted the attention of many fans, making everyone agree on a truth: music really has no borders!

The miracles at BlackPink and BTS concerts made the fans say: music really has no borders!

A BLINK (BlackPink’s fan) named Aina (Twitter account @ainamulleda) attended the concert of BlackPink in Los Angeles. One thing special about this fan is she’s a deaf girl. In the tweet posted on social networks, she said: “I want blackpink to know there’s deaf blinks like me! I had an interpreter service at their concert in LA tonight. I really enjoyed watching interpreters signed beautiful American Sign Language! #blackpink #theforum #blackpinkinyourarea #BLACKPINKinLA”

The tweet posted by Aina on her personal Twitter account
The clip posted by Aina on her Twitter account showed the sign language interpreter doing her job at BlackPink’s concert.

In just a short time, the tweet went viral with nearly 18,000 shares, more than 25,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Almost everyone expressed their admiration for Aina, and thanked her for giving such great affection to BlackPink.

Aina at BlackPink’s concert venue

Using a sign language interpreter for the hearing impaired at the concert wasn’t new. BTS had previously arranged a team in the “Love Yourself” concert at LA Staples Center, USA. However, Aina’s story makes the fans believe in the magical power of music in connecting people. Everyone can enjoy the music, standing in the sea of ​​people on the stadiums to cheer and watch the idols that they love, and it’s all thanks to such thoughtful actions!

The team of sign language interpreters appeared at BTS concert

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