The “magical” friendship between Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Mino (WINNER)

The relationship between members of YG Family makes fans excited, among them there is a beautiful friendship of Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Mino (WINNER).

March 30 is the birthday of Mino (WINNER).  He is a talented male idol with the ability to rap, compose and also made a solo debut.  Mino is loved by many people in the big YG Family.  Jennie (BLACKPINK) is definitely one of them.  It is rare to see Jennie posting stories on her personal page to celebrate someone’s birthday.  However, on March 30, she spent two stories posting pictures taken with Mino to congratulate her “brother”’s birthday.

March 30 is Mino’s birthday
Jennie uploaded a story to celebrate Mino’s birthday with the words: “Happy Birthday Mino. Why do I look awkward..?” 
The second photo Jennie posted with the words: “HBD Sunflower ahjussi”

Although not often appearing together, this action of Jennie unintentionally revealed the close relationship of them. Knets couldn’t help but get excited by this:

  • They look like siblings, right?
  • But Jennie rarely posts stories to celebrate someone’s birthday, right?
  • I like YG family relationships so much.
  • No matter who Jennie is dating, this is still my OTP.
  • Want to ship them too!

It looks strange, but Mino and Jennie are very close. During the promotion with SOLO – also the first time that Jennie stood on stage without the rest of the BLACKPINK members – she was extremely lucky with Mino’s companion. Mino was also promoting the song Fiancé at that time. At that time, fans were excited with a series of lovely moments between the two YG artists.

Even on a stage at Inkigayo, a funny plot twist happened when the fans were extremely supportive of the couple Jennie and Mino. But that day, Kai also participated in promoting with EXO. At that time, Jennie and Kai were in a secret relationship. So the irony frame of the trio makes fans unforgettable.

Not in love, but the close relationship and mutual care of Mino and Jennie are like brothers. They are still the adorable “couple” of the YG family!

Jennie went to support Mino at his first art exhibit

Source: Instagram, Internet

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