The love affair of Squid Game Jung HoYeon and Reply 1988 Lee Dong Hwi after 6 years together

Few people know that Jung Ho Yeon, the female lead of Squid Game and Reply 1988 actor Lee Dong Hwi keep their dating private but are still happy together.

Currently, Squid Game is definitely the most viral TV series in Asia. Thanks to the drama’s resounding success, viewers have paid more attention to the personal lives of the cast’s personal lives, including the female lead Jung Ho Yeon.

In addition to her impressive acting skills and charming appearance, Jung Ho Yeon has also managed to capture a lot of attention thanks to her romantic relationship with the Reply 1988 actor Lee Dong Hwi.  Initially, the celebrity couple was not much supported. The biggest reason was because netizens were against the significant age gap between the two. However, the couple is still happy together after 6 years. As they try to keep their relationship as private as possible, many people even forget that they are dating.

Their relationship was once not supported by netizens because of their 9-year age gap 

On January 6th 2016, Dispatch suddenly uploaded secret date photos of Jung Ho Yeon, the Korea’s Next Top Model 2013 runner-up, and the ‘Reply 1988 actor’ Lee Dong Hwi. At that time, Jung Ho Yeon was a rising star in the fashion industry and was receiving many calls for contracts not only in Korea but also in foreign countries. Meanwhile, Lee Dong Hwi was busy filming for ‘Reply 1988’. It was said that the two had met and started getting to know about each other since 2015.

When the news broke out and was confirmed, netizens were not really supportive because of their huge age gap. Lee Dong Hwi is actually 9 years older than his girlfriend. Moreover, Jung Ho Yeon was receiving much recognition so fans were worried that their romantic relationship would cause distractions and drag her career down.

The couple was caught dating by Dispatch

Lee Dong Hwi was born in 1985. He had acted in a lot of movies before becoming famous for his role in the hit drama ‘Reply 1988’. Unlike how he appeared with a not too handsome appearance and was the naughtiest boy of Ssangmun-dong, the real-life Lee Dong Hwi is really good-looking, mature and also fashionable.

The runner-up of Korea’s Next Top Model 2013, Jung Ho Yeon, is 9 years younger than her boyfriend. She has distinct facial features with sharp looks. Born in 1994, the model attracted many fans with her bright smile, unique beauty, the way she transforms with clothes and her natural stage presence.

Overcoming public opinion, the couple is still together, always supporting each other for the past 6 years

Contrary to the doubts of the people, the career of the two stars after officially making the relationship public is more and more successful. While Lee Dong Hwi received many film offers after the success of ‘Reply 1988’, Jung Ho Yeon is also a sought-after young face in the fashion industry.

Although they did not publicly appear together, fans many times caught Jung Ho Yeon – Lee Dong Hwi wearing couple clothes or casual dates like many other couples. In particular, despite being busy, Lee Dong Hwi has many times silently attended his girlfriend’s fashion shows. This is a way to confirm that their relationship is still very smooth.

jung ho yeon lee dong hwi
Rare photo was taken before the two publicized their relationship public

After 6 years, the female lead of ‘Squid Game’ and the actor of ‘Reply 1988’ spread the rumor of secretly married through a small detail

Not long ago, fans paid special attention to the moment of Lee Dong Hwi – Jung Ho Yeon’s double outfit.  More than just a couple, it’s a gold ring worn on the ring finger of the left hand – usually this is a sign of being married. Worth mentioning, the two are often seen wearing couple rings even backstage. Rumors arose, but the couple was fully supported by the public because of their strong affection, many viewers expected the two famous actors to have a happy ending after 6 years of secret love.

The couple’s rings worn on the ring finger of their left hands raises the suspicion that the two are secretly married
jung ho yeon lee dong hwi
However, nothing has been verified because many couples who love each other often wear the same ring

Source: K14

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