The Lost Choices – a brutal Korean revenge movie with an infuriating final twist

The movie about a woman who sets out for revenge on her rapists once enraged Korean viewers. 

The Lost Choices is a Korean crime movie released in 2015. Despite not achieving much commercial success, The Lost Choices is still highly appreciated for its heartbreaking storyline about a woman who was assaulted by three male strangers in a horrific way. 

The Lost Choices depicts the tragic life of Chae Ji Eun (Shin Hyun Bin), once a talented markswoman who brings much glory to Korea. However, because of an accident, Ji Eun is left with a speech disorder and loses the ability to communicate fluently. Her promising career is thereby ruined. One night after working late, Ji Eun is attacked and gang raped by three men. She then painfully heads to the police station to report the crime, but because of panic, she stutters. The police officer refuses to believe Ji Eun, even accuses her of lying and says that she got raped because she was wearing tight pants. After returning home, one of the three perverts appears in Ji Eun’s apartment and tries to rape her again. The male neighbor, instead of saving Ji Eun, enjoys watching her get attacked. To protect herself, Ji Eun uses a trophy to hit the attacker’s head, then slash his throat and kill him on the spot.

After Ji Eun kills the first rapist, female detective Ja Gyum comes to see her, and offers to help, but it is too late. Ji Eun no longer has faith in the police, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. She tries to dispose of the dead body on her own, but unfortunately is seen by the male cop who looks down on her earlier. During a scuffle, Ji Eun uses her shooting skills to finish off the policeman. Ji Eun’s journey of revenge then officially begins.

Ji Eun vows revenge on those who cause her to suffer as she starts looking for them. Even the man living next door is also her target because he happens to be the abusive boyfriend of Ji Eun’s best friend. While handling the last “monster”, Ji Eun is discovered by the police. Ja Gyum sincerely tries to talk Ji Eun into putting an end to her revenge and turn around to enjoy leniency. When Ji Eun decides to let go of the gun, she gets shot in the head by her rapist. Many viewers thought the movie would end with Ja Gyum shooting the rapist for Ji Eun. However, a shocking twist takes place, making the viewers unable to contain their rage. Ji Eun eventually doesn’t die from being shot, but because her breathing tube is pulled out by Ja Gyum, who wants to take Ji Eun’s organs to give to her sister.

The Lost Choices is an emotional thrill ride with an unexpected twist at the end. The movie is also appreciated when it directly denounces police corruption, causing innocent people to be oppressed and lack protection. In particular, the issue of feminism and victim blaming are also successfully portrayed, helping the movie receive empathy from the audience.

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