The list of top 5 top KPOP boy groups becomes controversial because of the absence of TVXQ and EXO

Except for H.O.T, the two popular boy bands of SM were not recognized in this poll.

Recently, netizens on Pann Nate voted for TOP5 best boy bands in Kpop history, including Seo Taiji and Boys, H.O.T, g.o.d, Big Bang and BTS. These are successful, powerful boy groups that have a strong influence on the Korean music industry.

The milestone that marks the beginning of Kpop was the birth of the boy group Seo Taiji and Boys in 1991 with 3 members Seo Tai Ji, Lee Ju No and Yang Hyun Suk. The music of the group had many rebellious and powerful features and was different from Korean music at the time. Seo Taiji and Boys is said to the Kpop legend and have become the inspiration for many groups of the next generations.
After Seo Taiji and Boys announced its inactivity in 1995, Kpop fell into a quiet period. A year later, H.O.T was born, opening SM’s idol empire. This is also the pioneering group that started the fandom culture concepts of the Kpop fan community such as balloon color, fanclub, fanmeeting, fanfic …
g.o.d is the first group to be called the “national boy group” by the Korean public. This Boygroup debuted in 1999, specializing in ballad music. This is also the first group to participate in the reality show, bringing the everyday life of idols to television.
Debuted in 2006, Big Bang is Korea’s first mainstream hip hop idol group. This is also the first group to produce music, paving the way for the next generation Kpop idols to be recognized internationally. Through many years of ups and downs and achieved numerous achievements, Big Bang was called “Legend of Legend” and “Kpop king” by the experts and the public because of its uniqueness in music and strong influence.
The owner who holds the impressive record today is BTS (debuted in 2013). With beautiful, unique choreography and inspiring music styles, Big Hit boys have a huge fan base, contributing to promoting Kpop names internationally. BTS is considered the best male idol group in Korea’s new generation, succeeding in inheriting Big Bang to sit on the “Kpop king” chair.

Commenting on this list, netizens are having mixed opinions. One side supports, arguing that this top 5 is objective and accurate. On the other hand, there are also many people opposing for the lack of other big names like TVXQ and EXO. These are the two leading male boy bands from SM, their popularity spread across Korea and two groups also achieved a lot of success in their career.

Some comments from fans: “I don’t understand why this doesn’t have TVXQ? They deserve to be in this“; “It’s all legendary, but if there’s TVXQ, it will be better“; “Remember that TVXQ and EXO are the leading groups in the generation transition period. Without them opening the second and third generation, I believe Kpop would have changed in other ways.

Responding to conflicting opinions, a fan commented, “TVXQ is really a monument but they have problems with the member lineup, and EXO is not as influential as other legendary groups.”

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