The legendary hit of Wonder Girls almost had the appearance of the two most charming goddesses of Kpop

Hyuna left the group right just before Wonder Girls came back with “Tell Me”.

Recently, netizens have shared the backstage videos of Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” performance with 5 members, including Hyuna. Most K-Pop fans only know Hyuna as a sexy rapper of 4Minute without realizing that she was once a potential Wonder Girls’ member.

Wonder Girls debuted on February 10th, 2007 on Music Core with their debut song “Irony”, a hip hop song from album “The Wonder Begins”. The original lineup was Sunye, Yeeun, Sunmi, Sohee and Hyuna. However, Hyuna was only in Wonder Girls for 5 months, and then left the group due to health reasons. Therefore, many people were surprised when watching backstage clips of “Tell Me” with the appearance of Hyuna:

-“Actually, I didn’t know that Hyuna used to be in Wonder Girls!”

  • “Hyuna’s career has changed more than I thought…”
  • -“The real reason why Hyuna left Wonder Girls was because of her health?”
  • -“Hyuna was a JYP’s artist!”

Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” version with Hyuna.

Hyuna was a piece of Wonder Girls at the time of their debut.

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