“The Law Cafe” Lee Seung-gi secretly kisses Lee Se-young on her cheek at an event

“The Law Cafe” drew attention with the new still cuts showing a lovely moment of Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young.

KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “The Law Cafe” tells a law-mance between former prosecutor Kim Jung-ho and four-dimensional lawyer Kim Yu-ri, who rent the building owned by Kim Jung-ho. The drama is continuing its impressive achievement of topping the rating charts of Monday-Tuesday dramas for 12 consecutive times.

the law cafe

Above all, the lawyer couple of “Law Cafe” Kim Jung-ho (Lee Seung-gi) & Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se-young) is arousing the viewers’ interest with their fantastic teamwork as well as the melodramatic sensibility that is getting deeper with the two actors’ acting performances. 

The Law Cafe

In particular, Lee Pyun-woong (Jo Han-cheol), who was completely defeated at Dohan Group shareholders’ meeting, declared a ceasefire but soon later appeared in front of Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri and exploded with anger, raising the viewers’ curiosity about the drama developments.

The production team recently released still cuts of Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young. The images show the scene where Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri, who are dressed up in all-black suits, arrive at the venue of an event. Wearing matching outfits, the two steal the attention at the event with their eye-catching visuals.

Lee Seung-gi Lee Se-young

In a picture, Kim Jung-ho is seen secretly trying to kiss Kim Yu-ri on her cheek while no one is watching. The two’s affectionate yet funny appearances flutter viewers’ hearts. However, in another photo, they show an emotional change with cold faces due to the appearance of someone. Fans are looking forward to the main broadcast to find out the person who becomes the mood breaker and the backstory of this intense scene. 

Meanwhile, episode 13 of “The Law Cafe” airs at 9:50 p.m on October 17th.

Source: naver

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