The latter members of K-pop groups: some bring the group success, some are hated for bringing bad lucks

Is it right or wrong when a new member is added to a group? Let’s take a look at the following cases to discover the “power” of the latter members of some K-pop groups!

At present, most of K-pop groups tend to keep all of their original members and make no changes. But some decide to add more members to refresh themselves and catch more attention from the public. However, those latter members can be the reason that leads to their success as well as failure.

1. Yeri (Red Velvet)

At first, “Red Velvet” debuted with a 4-member formation. After they worked for a while and didn’t really stand out, SM decided to add Yeri to the group. The beautiful girl who was born in 1999 then became the latest maknae of “Red Velvet”. She helped to reduce the group’s average age and made it nearly the same as their current competitors’ average age – TWICE and Black Pink.

Before, many “Red Velvet”‘s fans didn’t like this “new” member as they thought that this girl group already had enough vocals, dancers as well as visuals. Netizens didn’t support this decision of SM because Yeri didn’t have any outstanding talents in their eyes. However, Yeri gradually proved her attractiveness as well as enthusiasm. She also brought good luck to “Red Velvet” as after she joined the group, their career has been more successful.

2. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Super junior, Sm entertainment, Kyuhyun

Being the last member to join “Super Junior”, Kyuhyun used to be disliked by E.L.Fs and some members in this boy group. It was partly because this group was already too crowded and many people still believed that 13 was an unlucky number.

Nevertheless, Kyuhyun soon proved that he was an important piece of “Super Junior”. The group maknae had an amazing vocal. He was one of the 3 main vocals of this group and always appeared on the list of top K-pop idols with the best vocal. Kyuhyun’s sincerity, sense of humor and thoughtfulness gradually helped him to receive more affection from the fans, and those were the reasons why he was of the members with the most fans in “Super Junior”.

3. Solji (EXID)

Soji EXID, Kpop, Hani, LE
Talking about “EXID“, apart from Hani who is a “fancam angel”, we can’t forget to mention the talented leader Solji. Not many people know that the “eldest sister” of “EXID” joined this girl group most latterly and that thanks to her, “EXID” can have a stable position in showbiz with their talents as well as appearance.

Solji’s talent can surprise you all: she is in charge of all high notes in “EXID”‘s songs and she was even the winner of King of Masked Singers. From an unknown girl group, Hani helps “EXID” to get more and more popular. But in fact, Solji’s talent is what makes their fans never stop loving this girl group. At present, Solji is still getting some rest to completely recover after her orbital decompression surgery. “EXID”‘s fans are truly looking forward to her comeback in the near future.

4. Hyelim (Wonder Girls)

Hyelim , JYP, Wonder girls
Wonder Girls” used to be the most outstanding group in K-biz and a redoubtable competitor of SNSD. The girls from JYP were even very successful in America and accomplished admirable achievements that every other group dreamed of at that time. In 2010, Sunmi left the group and Hyelim replaced her position. The Chinese member didn’t receive any support from “Wonder Girls”‘s fans because they felt familiar to the original formation of this group.

Later, Hyelim gradually proved that she was a talent member of “Wonder Girls”. Unfortunately, after the new member was added to “Wonder Girls”, this girl group started to tread water. Though they tried many different songs and continuously changed their concepts, their attractiveness was gradually reduced and finally, “Wonder Girls” disbanded.

It seems that adding a member to a K-pop group is a “game of chance”, because new talent and new color can help to make that group more impressive, or can lead to internal conflicts. Do you have any other stories about “the last piece” in K-biz to share with us?

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