“The last thing I said to NU’EST was…” Baekho revealed the reason he stayed with Pledis

Baekho, a former member of boy group NU’EST, talked about the most important element of standing alone,

Baekho, who is releasing his first solo mini album “Absolute Zero” after 10 years of debut, met Wikitree at a cafe in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on October 11th, where he had an interview and talked about various things.


On this day, Baekho was asked if there was any difference between working on NU’EST‘s music and working on his solo album, to which he answered, “There was a difference in the process. In the last stage of engineering, I had the idea that the group song should change dramatically whenever the members change parts. I also aggressively grabbed the music because performance should be the main focus.” 

He continued, “When I usually listen to a song, there are songs that I listen to with concentration, but there are also songs that I listen to lightly. This time, I wanted to satisfy both categories. I wanted to reveal myself more. The texture of the instrument used is not significantly different. Until now, I wanted to make songs by adding a lot of things that I liked while listening to or making music.” 


Then, when he was asked about the members’ reaction to his first solo album, Baekho replied, “They heard it and said it was good. Aron also commented when the teaser video was uploaded on my SNS. Now the members are in a position to support each other’s path. Previously when we stood on the stage together, we would say things like ‘Wouldn’t this be good?’, but now that we’re in the stage of supporting each other’s path, most of the comments are ‘Oh, good’ and ‘I’ll be looking forward to it’.”

NU’EST officially ended their group activities after the group’s exclusive contract expired in March 2022 – the 10th anniversary of their debut. JR (also known as Kim Jong Hyun), Aron, and Ren left the agency, while Baekho and Hwang Minhyun renewed their contracts with Pledis. 

NU'EST album

Regarding his decision to stay, Baekho explained, “The reason I remain with this company is because of the synergy that comes from working with familiar people. Rather than saying ‘The company is very good’, I thought it might be the best company for the current situation. With the merger, I expected that I would be able to work with both the familiar and the new staff well.”

Finally, Baekho was asked if he had any fears when he decided to stand alone, to which the male idol said. “The last thing I said to the members at that time was, ‘Everything should go well’. That’s both my real wish and also a request. I really hope that is the case. The members are not family nor friends to me. If you’re not an idol, you don’t normally understand the concept of a member. I feel special and grateful to have the members. So, rather than worrying, I felt reassured because of them.”

Baekho’s first mini-album “Absolute Zero” will be released at 6PM (KST) on October 12th.

Source: Wikitree

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