The King’s Affection is praised for Park Eun Bin’s convincing cross-dressing and the main couple’s chemistry

Park Eun Bin’s disguise as a man in The King’s Affection is considered one of best gender-bending in the history of Korean dramas.

The historical drama “The King’s Affection” is already gaining the viewers’ attention despite having only released 2 episodes. Based on the webtoon of the same name, “The King’s Affection” stars the duo Park Eun Bin and Rowoon. If the first still cuts surprised the audience with the female lead’s perfect disguise as a man, in episode 2, the drama has officially captured the hearts of many viewers thanks to the “handsome” appearance of Park Eun Bin’s character, without looking awkward at all.

The King's Affection

The 2nd episode of The King’s Affection continues to portray a sad and emotional story of the palace. In a battle for power between those who are cruel and greedy, children and women are always the ones suffering the most.

Episode 2 is the continuation of the story revealed in the previous episode. The majority of the screen time belongs to the child actors. Little Dam I is trapped in the “role” of Crown Prince Lee Hwi, after the real Lee Hwi is killed. 

After Lee Hwi’s death, the Crown Princess asks Dam I to live under the identity of Lee Hwi for the rest of her life. Later, Dam I also finds out about Lee Hwi’s death and becomes even more terrified. She is afraid and unfamiliar with this position of power, and even wants to escape. However, now the lives of dozens of people in the East Palace are counting on her. Dam I has no choice but to try to disguise as her dead brother, and hide her real identity. 

The person who kills Crown Prince Lee Hwi is the father of Ji Un – a smart boy who is close to Dam I. After Dam I goes missing, Ji Un sadly comes to visit Crown Prince Lee Hwi (who is actually Dam I) to ask about Dam I. Heartbroken but unable to tell the truth, Lee Hwi gives Ji Un her two wooden dice, lying that it is a gift from Dam I to Ji Un. On his way home, Ji Un accidentally witnesses his father ruthlessly kill a court maid only because she dares to ask where Dam I is.

The Crown Princess – Lee Hwi’s mother and her only support – later passes away. This traumatising event marks a turning point in the character development of Lee Hwi. From this moment, she knows she has to stay strong in the identity of her dead brother, in order to protect the lives of many people around her. Lee Hwi transforms into a courageous but also cold and arrogant Crown Prince so that no one can come close and discover the truth about her.

The King's Affection
The cast’s top-notch acting is what makes The King’s Affection more appealing 

The drama moves on to 10 years later, when Lee Hwi has grown up. Her disguise in this episode is considered perfect. If she looks pretty and adorable in a feminine look, when she ties her hair into a bun, covers her chest, Lee Hwi turns into a completely different person. Many viewers have commented that Park Eun Bin in the role of Lee Hwi looks so handsome she can even outshine many good-looking actors. 

Not only having a gorgeous visual, Lee Hwi also has a talent for archery. During a hunting trip, Lee Hwi gets into a fight with Crown Prince Chang Woon. Annoyed by Lee Hwi, Chang Woon sneaks a bow to tease Lee Hwi when she is alone, accidentally making her hair loose and chest pad come off, revealing the figure of a female. Lee Hwi then panics and runs to the lakeside to fix her clothes. Unexpectedly, she happens to run into Ji Un who is now an adult.

Ji Un, after many years of studying abroad in Ming, returns to Joseon to work as a medical teacher. While picking medicinal flowers by the stream, Ji Un accidentally sees Lee Hwi. Will their unfinished romance continue to be written from now on?

The King’s Affection airs every Monday and Tuesday night on Netflix.

Source: K14

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