The king of Kpop EXO treated fans to an awesome MV

Finally, EXO came back with a product that was well invested into both listening and viewing.

At 18:00 p.m, on November 18th, EXO officially made their comeback by releasing the Korean version of “Tempo” and their fifth full album, “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”. This is one of the most well-invested products in EXO‘s career. “Tempo” was extremely catchy from the first rhythm of the song. This promises to be a big hit at the end of this year. The 9 members of EXO appeared in the hottest MV with extremely high visuals. Especially, the choreography of the song is very powerful and has a strong point, attractive from the first view.

EXO’s great choreography in “Tempo”

The album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” will have 3 versions: Andante, Allegro and Moderato. The title song is “Tempo”, the remaining songs in the album include: “Sign”, “Ooh La La La”, “Gravity”, “With You”, “24/7”, “Bad Dream”, “Damage”,”Smile On My Face”,” Oasis”. In particular, EXO has received good news when the pre-order number of the album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” reached millions. “Tempo” is sure to make a lot of new recordings with a good investment of both hearing and viewing.

“Tempo” MV – EXO

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