The karaoke staff who leaked the photos starting BTS Jungkook dating rumors has been sent to the Prosecution

In September, the staff of a karaoke house in Geoje were accused of leaking the CCTV photos that started BTS Jungkookdating rumors.

The Gyeongnam Geoje Police Station announced on December 2nd that two member of the karaoke staff in Geoje were sent to the prosecution last month for alleged violations of the Personal Information Protection Act.

The police had previously launched an investigation after Big Hit Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the karaoke house staff members.

The staff members of the karaoke house have been accused of posting CCTV photos on public websites when Jungkook, who was on vacation in September, visited a karaoke in Geoje.

The pictures have started unexpected dating rumors about BTS Jungkook and one of his acquaintances.

Big Hit Entertainment has officially announced that “The rumors that have been spread on SNS are not true.” and “We are really sorry that trivial information about our artists’ private life has been spread and distorted.”

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