The JYP’s female trainee who hasn’t debuted is already getting praise for her look, to potentially become the next generation’s top visual

The JYP’s soon-to-debut trainee has an outstanding appearance, which has already impressed netizens and helped her gain quite a few fans.

Recently, JYP Entertainment is making Kpop fans more eager than ever by releasing a series of information about a new girl group about to debut. The first members to be announced have made netizens excited because they are all pretty and have excellent singing and dancing skills. Notably, the most famous trainee is Jinni – the girl who has outstanding visuals. Many netizens even predict that she will soon become a top visual in the future.

Although she hasn’t officially made a debut, through the few pictures that have been released, Jinni has been praised for her refined facial features and perfect body. Jinni’s visual is also said to have many similarities with her famous seniors Sana (TWICE) and Eunbi (IZ*ONE). Moreover, Jinni has a gorgeous side profile with a high nose bridge and doll-like features. With such top-notch visuals, perfect physique and solid talent, Jinni will definitely become the ace card and stan attractor of JYP’s new girl group. The female trainee is promised to have the opportunity to compete for the title of Kpop new generation’s goddess.

Thanks to the newly released series of photos, Jinni received a lot of compliments for her refined visual, every feature looks sharp but still gives off innocent vibes.
Jinni’s face is as pretty as a doll even without heavy makeup
Although she has not debuted yet, the future female idol of JYP’s visual is extremely stunning. The doll-like side profile has left a deep impression on many netizens
Considered as the ace card in JYP’s new girl group, Jinni has outstanding talent and face
Her selfie is also surprisingly pretty. Jinni’s spotless fair skin and delicate features are completely on par with the Korean beauty standards. No wonder many netizens have soon fallen for her and guaranteed that she will become the new generation’s top visual of Kpop
Jinni is said to have many similarities with Sana’s (TWICE)…
 … and Eunbi

Jinni was born in 2004. Her real name is Choi Yun Jin.  The female trainee officially joined the company at the age of 11 and starred in the ‘Lucky Charm’ MV of Nickhun (2PM). In the series of photos and dance videos that JYP released for the first time to introduce the new girl group, Jinni was noticed thanks to her outstanding pink pants, gorgeous visuals and shining aura.

Jinni’s childhood photos were also discovered by fans. She has a natural and pure beauty that has not changed much.
The “pink pants girl” that caught the eye in the dance video released by JYP is Jinni
Perfect side profile with a high nose bridge makes everyone fall in love
It’s no surprise that Jinni is the most noticed member among the trainees announced by JYP
Jinni has an ideal body, a well-defined waist with toned abs. From visual, aura to physique, the future female idol of JYP has it all
After officially debuting, Jinni will definitely be even more beautiful and famous
The low-quality screenshots even accentuate Jinni’s sharp features even more
After officially debuting, Jinni will definitely be even more beautiful and famous


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