The jaw-dropping beauty of returning K-drama actresses: from Seo Yeji’s queenly vibes to Seohyun’s princess-like visuals

Upcoming K-dramas are going to provide the audience with a whole feast of visuals.

1. Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye-ji

This May, Seo Ye Ji is finally returning after her attitude controversy in the revenge drama “Eve”. Right from the first trailer, the visuals and fashion of Seo Ye Ji has completely blown viewers away. Deadly and fatal in venange, the actress looks like a queen regent who plays people like they were chess pieces.

2. Im Soo Hyang


The beautiful actress Im Soo Hyang is also making a return this May via the adaptation “Woori the Virgin”. After the first teaser images, people can’t help but admire Soo Hyang’s youthful and feminine features. In the series, the actress is going to transform into Oh Woori, a girl born into a super strict family and thus, tries her best to keep her virginity before marriage. However,  she accidentally gets pregnant with a stranger’s child while dating someone completely different!

3. Seohyun (SNSD)


The youngest member of legendary girl group SNSD will make her acting comeback with the upcoming series “Jinx’s Lover”. In the newly-released teaser, Seohyun looks like a whole prince from the fairy tales. Here, she will play Seulbi, a person who can see the future of whoever she touches. 

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