The Japanese member of IZ * ONE hinted that she is like an “invisible” person in the teaser of the new MV

The female idol’s sharing made fans extremely heartbroken, therefore, they criticized the company for discriminating among IZ * ONE members.

IZ * ONE will make a comeback with the mini-album One-reeler / Act IV and the title song Panorama on December 7. This is most likely the last comeback of 12 girls before the contract expires, but they are not only affected by the fraud scandal at Produce 48 but also have many other controversies.
After the first teaser of MV Panorama aired, Hitomi – one of the 3 Japanese members of IZ * ONE sent an email to the fans. She wrote: “The teaser has been already released, can you see me? I want to see the MV, look forward to it. Have you seen the teaser, do you know where I am? Only my eyes appear. All right? It’s okay, I’m looking forward to the MV “.

Although Hitomi’s letter was meant to comfort fans and promote IZ * ONE’s new MV, many people couldn’t help but grieve when the female idol mentioned that only her eye appeared in the teaser. The video teasing MV Panorama is 52 seconds long, but Hitomi only appeared for 1.8 seconds.

On the Douban forum (China), some people said that the Japanese member of IZ * ONE knows about her little screen time, but she still speaks up to reassure those who love her. This makes netizens feel unfair for Hitomi when she is always working hard, improving more and more, but being treated unfairly by the company.


Netizens not only pity Hitomi but also criticize Off The Record – IZ * ONE’s agency for being too fond of Minju. At Produce 48, Hitomi ranked 9th while Minju ranked 11th, but she usually has a lot of screentime and stands out like the center.

In the MV Panorama teaser, Minju is also the one with the most screen times (18.2 seconds) – the treatment that center Jang Wonyoung does not have.


Netizens commented:

– Just like Minju and her friends

– Called a global girl group but there are only 3 Japanese, in which Nako and Hitomi are treated like strangers. Screen time is less, the singing line is less, …

– Hitomi, my heart is broken. In the teaser, you only appeared for 1.8 seconds and even did not reveal all of the face. Last time I was so angry, I couldn’t see you, I hope you can sing a full sentence this time, have more screen time…

– Hitomi’s ranking is higher than Minju. Minju was at 11th but she takes 18 seconds? Wonyoung is the center with 3 seconds? Hitomi, who ranked higher, only has 1.8 seconds.

– Poor Hiichan


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