The interaction between Minhyun (WANNA ONE) and V (BTS): They are not just the visual pair…

The lovely interaction between V and Hwang Minhyun made fans admire their relationship.

Although the Seoul Music Awards 2019 has ended for a few days, the stories on the sidelines are still interesting topics for fans. Most recently, a fan shared the fan cam revealing the relationship between V (BTS) and Hwang Minhyun (WANNA ONE), making the fans curious. Accordingly, on the show’s stage, when he met Hwang Minhyun, V expressed his joy, he came over to hold his hand and greeted WANNA ONE member.

As the social butterfly of BTS, it is not too difficult to understand when V always showed great affection to everyone, but the surprise was that only the previous year, these two boys were still shy when they met. Before this lovely interaction, the fans could not help admiring their relationship. Because both are members of the most popular groups today and stand out in terms of visual. Fans think that if they become friends, Hwang Minhyun and V must be the top “visual friends” of Kpop.

The embarrassing moment between V and Hwang Minhyun last year caused fans to buzz.

Some comments from netizens:

“Crazy… Hwang Minhyun and V… The collaboration of the visuals”

“They used to be strangers until last year. This is amazing…”

“Handsome people interacting with each other.”

“V, who offered for a handshake first, looks really handsome, and Minhyun, who was shocked at first but then accepted the handshake, looks handsome as well”

“Minhyun is my bias and V is my favorite member in BTS. I’m so happy to see this. If you’re asking why it’s because Minhyun has never seen interacting with any artists beside Pledis’ artists in an official event like this. It’s really fascinating to see and I’m loving it”

“All the interactions between BTS and Wanna One probably started from Ha Sungwoon. Ong Seung Woo and Kang Daniel were seen greeting BTS as well. Oh, and Park Jihoon too.”

“These two handsome guys are greeting each other, it’s not important to know when they got close.”

“I can totally tell that Taehyung has interest in Minhyun, judging from how he greeted Minhyun first. And the other Wanna One’s members seem to be very surprised, their eyes went bigger at the same time. Seems like Taehyung watched that live broadcasting. Anyway, I really like to see the interaction between Wanna One and BTS.”

“Am I the only one who finds this fascinating? I think I have never seen Hwang Minhyun greeting other artists besides Seventeen and Nu’est’s members who are under the same company. It’s really fascinating to see him greeting other artists”

“They must’ve gotten closer because they’re at the same age.”

Sources: pannative

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