The identity of the young actor who makes ARMYs think BTS Jin acts in a drama

An actor recently startled BTS fans for his appearance that resembles BTS Jin’s so much.

After the first airing of JTBC’s new drama called “IDOL”, netizens are getting more interested in the cast of this series. Among them, actor Kim Min-gyu caught the attention for his warm visual. In this drama, Kim Min-gyu plays Ji-han, the leader of a famous idol group named “Mars” that has been active for 5 years. The actor showed off his handsome face with a high nose bridge and sharp jawline, captivating the hearts of many fans.

kim min gyu
kim min gyu

In particular, his image in this drama is drawing keen attention as it gives off a vibe looking similar to BTS Jin’s. Because of this, Kim Min-gyu’s appearance has become a hot topic in various online communities. Kim Min-gyu even dyed his hair gray to portray his character, which made him resemble Jin even more. It was also pointed out that Kim Min-gyu’s thick lips also look similar to Jin’s, causing confusion even among actual BTS fans.

In response to the series of photos, Internet users gave explosive reactions, such as “They really look alike”, “I thought it was Jin in the first picture”, “His vibe is also similar to Jin’s”, “Their lips look exactly the same”, “I can feel Jin’s vibe looking at Mingyu”. One netizen was surprised at how Kim Min-gyu looked so different from his appearance in the past, saying, “I didn’t recognize Mingyu”.

kim min gyu

Meanwhile, Kim Min-gyu made his name be known to the public after appearing on Mnet’s show “Produce X 101”


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