The identity of the woman who insisted on casting Park Seo Joon to act in Hollywood movies

From being a big fan of Park Seo Joon, director Nia DaCosta decided to cast him for the upcoming movie of Marvel’s series “The Marvels”.

Director Nia DaCosta is an American director and screenwriter. In 2018, after the release of “Little Woods”, she was highly praised by numerous movie critics and achieved various movie awards. After that, she received calls from many movie studios in Hollywood, proving herself as a potential director.

Nia DaCosta’s Instagram

Recently, Nia DaCosta was confirmed to become the director of “Captian Marvel 2”, a new movie of Marvel’s series “The Marvels”.

To Korean movie fans, Nia DaCosta is a really familiar name. After the blockbuster movie “Itaewon Class” starring Park Seo Joon was aired more than a year ago, Nia DaCosta once publicly expressed her huge admiration for Park Seo Joon, attracting great attention from the Kdramaholics.

Not long ago, when the news of Park Seo Joon’s being cast in a Marvel movie broke out, netizens suspected that it was his fan who is the director of the movie that demanded to cast him. Since then, movie fans are getting more excited to see what kind of character that she cast Park Seo Joon for.


For people who haven’t known who Nia DaCosta is, you should check out the new horror movie “Candy Man”, which is also directed by her.

The movie “Candy Man”, which would be released next month, is a remake of the movie with the same name in 1992. The poster and the trailer for “Candy Man” have been released, drawing great attention. In particular, the movie will be premiered on South Korea in September 22.

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