The identity of the picture frame on BTS RM’s working desk has been revealed

BTS’s RM has unveiled his studio. Among all the thing on his working desk, a picture frame caught fans’ eyes the most.

RM did a live stream on NAVER V LIVE on the 21th. On that day, he introduced to his fans every corner of his studio from the figures, to the piano and the sofa.

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While he was introducing the desk in the producing room, there was a noticeable frame which has gathered the attention of fans. What kind of picture was in the frame? It was a family picture of the BTS boys.

BTS RM 044ffebac8d7

That is a group cut taken after their Chuseok V App. In that photo, the members dressed in comfortable clothes. The picture must be so precious to RM.

BTS RM 9920cff00c80

“There are pictures that you can see if you’ve been there with us all the time”, explained RM while filming with the camera.

BTS RM 47e86ae

Fans responded by saying, “The picture is so cute”, “I wish they will stay with each other for a long time” and “It’s heartwarming.”

Sources: Dispatch

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