The identity of a “Squid Game” actor who is receiving explosive reactions despite appearing on the screen for only 10 seconds

While Netflix’s original Korean drama “Squid Game” is creating a worldwide craze, the actors in the movie also received great attention.

Not only has “Squid Game” been gaining more and more fame every day, but an actor who is called the “scene-stealer” after appearing on screen for only 10 seconds has also attracted the attention of audiences. Among the people who managed the Squid Game, this guy wearing a mask with a ‘square’ appears in the 3rd episode, “The Man with the Umbrella”.

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In this episode, the participants played “The Honeycomb game”. It is a simple survival game in which the players chose one of the shapes (star, umbrella, circle, and triangle), and they must cut out the candy’s shape with a needle without cracking or breaking the sugar honeycomb. Anyone who failed to make the correct shape would immediately be killed by the game managers. In this scene, before being killed, a man threatened the managers with a knife and forced him to take off his mask. It was when the identity of the handsome “square mask” man was revealed.

He took off his mask and slowly turned his back to reveal his face, surprising everyone with his youthful appearance that doesn’t match his ruthless shooting at all. This guy seems to have lost his emotions, and his facial expressions didn’t change much; unfortunately, he was shot by his superior just because his face was revealed.

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Although the viewers only saw ‘the square mask” man’s face for 10 seconds, he still gained explosive interest from overseas fans with his extraordinary visual. Since then, movie fans have been trying to find out his true identity and shared his daily photos all over the SNS sites praising his handsome look.

In fact, his name is Lee Jeong Jun. This Korean actor was born in 1999 and is 23 years old this year. He’s a talented actor who is currently attending the Korea National University of Arts with a major in acting.


He once appeared in the popular web drama “Best Mistake Season 2” and made his name known. On his Instagram, he often shows off a friendly image in daily life that looks different from his appearance in “Squid Game”. In particular, fans praise his “boyfriend material” visual, especially his height of 182cm, and call his neat fashion the standard of boyfriend look. Let’s take a look at the daily life photos of actor Lee Jeong Jun, who is receiving explosive reactions from overseas fans.

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