The ideal types of Korean actors: Hyun Bin hinted at Son Ye Jin even before revealing their relationship

Like all other people, top actors like Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, etc. also have their own ideal type. Surprisingly, Hyun Bin’s description of his ideal type reminds people of Son Ye Jin.

Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is currently one of most famous actors not only in Korea, but also in all Asian countries. This 1987-born actor has gained a lot of fangirls thanks to his perfect appearance, from his face to body figure. That’s why his ideal type also raised curiosity.

ji chang wook

During an interview with fans, Ji Chang Wook shared about his ideal type without hesitation. He said he would be attracted to girls who are friendly and have similarities with him. Ji Chang Wook shared, “That will be a girl who can make me feel happy just by staying beside me”. He also surprised everyone by revealing that he would love to date a non-celebrity.

Lee Min Ho

Although many handsome actors of the new generations have recently risen to fame, Lee Min Ho is still mentioned in topics about the hottest Korean stars. Thanks to his outstanding appearance, Lee Min Ho successfully captured the hearts of many female fans.

During an interview in the past, the actor of “Boys Over Flowers” once shared about his ideal girlfriend and a marriage he has always wished to have, saying, “I think I would like a girl who has bright and optimistic personalities. Whenever I feel tired after work, she could make me feel happy just by sitting next to me. I think this type of girlfriend will be really attractive. A girl who is confident and knows how to love herself can also impress me.”

The ideal types of Korean actors

In particular, Lee Min Ho’s ideal type should not be too tall but has a bright skin. She should be a mature woman but can sometimes show her cute and clumsy side. In addition, he also likes a person who respects seniors. To Lee Min Ho, his feelings for her are more important than her appearance. Besides, he also talked about the marriage life that he dreamed of. He prefers having only one marriage in life, just like how his parents did. He doesn’t like divorce and believes getting married too early might easily result in a divorce.

Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is dating actress Son Ye Jin and fans are looking forward to the news of the two tying the knot. After their dating rumor was confirmed, many people have brought back an old interview of Hyun Bin, in which he was asked about his ideal type.

The ideal types of Korean actors

At that time, Hyun Bin revealed that he was looking for a person who can sympathize with him and his busy schedules. The actor of “Crash Landing On You” shared, “I want to meet someone who is understanding since it’s not easy for me to find a person who can sympathize with my job”. Because of this answer, many fans raised speculations that Hyun Bin was hinting at Son Ye Jin because she is also an actor so she could understand all the hardships that Hyun Bin could have been through.

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk was dubbed “the boy with visuals straight for a comic book series” after the success of the movie “W: Two Worlds“. Possessing an ideal height and a handsome face, Lee Jong Suk is a familiar name on magazine covers and also one of the most popular handsome men in Korea. Since his debut, he has been entangled in many dating rumors but has never announced an official relationship. Therefore, fans are always curious about the type of girl who can make Lee Jong Suk flutter.

The ideal types of Korean actors

Previously, Lee Jong Suk once said he is attracted to girls who can control him and teach him many things. Besides, he hopes that his girlfriend will always encourage him and be willing to listen to his concerns. Lee Jong Suk also revealed that Lee Na Young is the closest to his ideal type. He especially likes the talking style of Won Bin‘s wife.

Lee Dong Wook

Although Lee Dong Wook is about to turn 40, he is still extremely handsome, making girls all over Asia flutter. The actor has deep eyes, a high nose, flawless skin and natural red lips. Because of Lee Dong Wook‘s perfect appearance, fans sometimes wonder what kind of woman can catch the actor’s eye. A few months ago, Lee Dong Wook revealed his ideal type when participating in the program “Because I Want To Talk”.

lee dong wook

Lee Dong Wook confessed, “I want someone I can lean on and talk to while facing a difficult time.” He also emphasized that he is attracted to women who can tell him comforting words well regardless of appearance.

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