The glow up of aespa Giselle: from being criticized as the least attractive idols in SM to stealing the spotlight at the 2021 AAA

Giselle was said to be the least attractive member in aespa during her debut days, but she recently transformed with a new look and made everyone applaud her.

Only 1 year after their debut, the “monster rookie” aespa has steadily gained recognition for their outstanding talents, stage presence and visuals. Most specifically, the Japanese member – Giselle, who used to be called the least beautiful idol in SM, has recently amazed netizens with her impressive transformation in appearance. One of the most beautiful looks of Giselle so far is her appearance at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards on December 12th.

aespa Giselle glow up
Giselle received negative responses for her look during the debut era with “Black Mamba”
aespa Giselle glow up
Many people criticized Giselle’s appearance saying it didn’t match the visual standard of SM
aespa Giselle glow up
She was said to be the least attractive member of aespa and the least beautiful idol in SM’s history

However, Giselle has changed different concepts and tried to improve her look, resulting in a recent impressive transformation that made everyone change their past opinion about her. The aespa’s rapper doesn’t have a doll-like face like other female idols, but she owns an elegant and sharp look that is full of a fancy vibe. After going on a diet and choosing a more suitable makeup and hairstyle, Giselle finally managed to boast her distinctive facial features and erased all the negative opinions of netizens about her appearance.

aespa Giselle glow up
Giselle’s visual is drawing keen attention these days
aespa Giselle glow up
Many people believed Giselle has become prettier after losing weight and changing her image with a more suitable makeup and haristyle
aespa Giselle glow up
With bangs, aespa Giselle was able to show off her elegant and high-class vibe

Especially, Giselle’s appearance at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards continued to receive compliments from netizens. With her outstanding long and straight legs, the Japanese rapper was able to steal the spotlight for herself. Giselle’s youthful hairstyle and outfit on that day also helped highlight her impressive body figure and pretty face.

aespa Giselle glow up
Giselle caught netizens’ attention at the 2021 AAA
aespa Giselle glow up
It seems like she really suits bangs and double braided hairstyle
aespa Giselle glow up
With a suitable makeup and outfit, Giselle looked younger and was no less impressive compared to her members
aespa Giselle glow up
Her appearance was full of noble vibe
aespa Giselle glow up
Giselle’s outfit allowed her to boast her beautiful long legs
aespa Giselle glow up
From being criticized for her visual, Giselle has now transformed with a more beautiful look, which is as impressive as her members
aespa Giselle glow up

Giselle has a small face and a high nose bridge. Thanks to the care of SM, she has finally changed herself with a more beautiful look that could reveal her distinctive features.

Some comments from netizens about Giselle’s visual at the 2021 Asian Artist Awards:

  • I didn’t notice Giselle because her appearance in the debut MV was not really impressive. But after watching some videos on Tiktok, I realized that her beauty really suits my taste. Giselle with bangs is another level of visual!
  • So pretty. I didn’t have much impression of her before but now I have to save all her pictures at AAA
  • Despite being a foreigner, Giselle stilled ranked No.4 in the brand reputation rankings last month. Her topics after attending AAA gained more than 72 million views and 700 comments. She’s maybe not your style but Koreans are paying more attention to her visual these days.
  • Her eyes were a little swollen but her beauty still shone.
  • She looks like the main character in an action manga or movie. So pretty. 
  • She has a fancy vibe
  • Giselle was originally naturally beautiful, all she needs is more care from SM
  • Her long legs are so impressive. 


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