The friendship between BTS V and Park Bo Gum is getting attention from foreign media

V’s performance at BTS World Tour concert at Hong Kong concert was an outstanding stage full of energy.


In an interview with the MAMA last year, V said, “The hardest challenge is to always try and give new performance with the same song.” As can beseen in the recent concert in Hong Kong, it was the expression and gestures of the song that change from time to time that caught the audience’s attention.

Overseas media sites posting about the friendship between BTS and Park Bo Gum at the concerts in Hong Kong, including Ming Pao and HK01, two of Hong Kong’s four major daily newspapers.


The Hong Kong concert on March 20 made headlines when actor Park Bo Gum, known as V’s close friend, visited a concert to cheer for him, and a number of Hong Kong media sites including Ming Pao and HK01 as well as ET Today of Taiwan, Cosmopolitan Philippines, Indonesia News Portal Tribun and Viva News, published articles about their friendship.

These overseas media revealed the image of Park Bo Gum attending the concert to cheer for BTS V and delivered a warm article about the friendship between V and Park Bo Gum and how they are supporting each other.

Cosmopolitan published a photo of Park Bo Gum holding the slogan that says “Tae,” which is V’s real name Kim Taehyung, and a cheering stick in his hands. They mentioned that “He was the most supportive fan,” while Tribun News reported that Park Bo Gum “seems to be a true fan, even singing along to BTS V’s solo performance.”

“Park Bo Gum has rarely missed any BTS’s concert in Seoul and is showing off his friendship by appearing on overseas concert like this,” said ET Today, adding that the two are also real fans of each other.


The Koreanboo, a North American media site, also posted an article saying that Park Bo Gum recently took his friendship with V to the next level by attending a BTS concert, “People who witnessed Park Bo Gum’s friendship with V were really blessed to see Park Bo Gum and BTS together.”

BTS’s concert in Hong Kong is also drawing attention for BTS’ overwhelming charm on stage, from cuteness to sexy charisma, as well as a strong friendship with Park Bo Gum, who claimed to be a fan attending the concert to cheer for V.

Sources: Nate

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