The former member of Wanna One wrote a handwritten apology about the spitting and dating scandal, but a detail of which made fans even more angry

Lai Guan Lin’s use of words and expressions in this letter continues to create unnecessary misunderstandings.

Yesterday, the name Lai Guan Lin (previously known as a former member of Wanna One) suddenly became a topic of discussion and criticism of netizens from China to Korea and many other countries.  The male idol born in 2001 was caught smoking and spitting on the street, and photos and videos of this moment quickly spread to the Internet.

Not long after that, a Lai Guan Lin fansite publicly revealed more of his shocking information.  This fansite revealed on Weibo in an angry mood that the former Wanna One member had a girlfriend, who is said to be 8 years older than him.  Both were also repeatedly caught taking photos at the same location.  Lai Guan Lin’s fansite added that the male idol stopped posting photos on social media because he feared fans would find out that he was with his girlfriend, but he also had a private Douyin (TikTok) account to like the video of that girl. 

After a series of private life scandals were exposed in just one day, Lai Guan Lin posted an official letter of apology on his Weibo account.  The former member of Wanna One began his letter by promising to use proper punctuation to show his sincerity: “Hi everyone, I’m Lai Guanlin. In order to better reflect on myself through this statement, I will use proper punctuation to show my sincerity.”

He then went on to apologize for his behavior and for hurting those who love him: “I’m deeply sorry for hurting those who love me with everything that happened today. I should hold myself to high standards even in places where no one can see me.”

He acknowledged his wrongdoing and promised to change in the future: “To have done something so inappropriate, it’s something that I need to change and make improvements on. I’ll bear this in mind, repent and change. I’m sorry to all the fans who like me as well as my family.”

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