The former female trainee of Big Hit recounts a memory related to Jin’s (BTS) personality

The story that a former female trainee of Big Hit told about Jin (BTS) has made netizens once again pay attention to his personality.

We all know that in this world no one is perfect, it’s just that if everyone is well-behaved they will always try to live well and treat everyone around them kindly.  It seems that the BTS members have done this quite well because throughout the years, many people who work with the group all have praised their personalities.  Most recently, a former Big Hit female trainee also told a small but warm story related to member Jin.

The former female trainee of Big Hit recounts a memory related to Jin's (BTS) personality

Recently, BJ Ria appeared in a video with another BJ.  The beautiful female BJ whose real name is Lee Seunghyun and used to be a trainee of Big Hit Entertainment.  Seunghyun was born in 1996 and joined Big Hit at the age of 15, so she also trained with the BTS members.

When asked if she is close to BTS, Seunghyun said that they are not as close as friends.  Besides, male and female trainees do not have too much contact with each other.  However, Seunghyun met BTS in vocal training classes because they had the same vocal teacher.  Former trainees said that they almost only met each other in vocal training classes, and the trainees would always praise and encourage each other whenever someone stepped up to sing.

After a while, Seunghyun was no longer a Big Hit trainee and now BTS has also become famous.  She once saw Jin at the subway station.  Seunghyun said she wanted to say hello, but seeing that BTS is now popular, she didn’t dare to do so.  Seunghyun thought that if Jin came to say hello, he would be startled and like he didn’t know who she was, so she decided to just walk by.

However, Jin recognized Seunghyun and called her name: ‘Seunghyun ah!’.  As they greeted each other, she explained to Jin: ‘Since you’re very popular now, I don’t plan to say hello.’  But then Jin replied, ‘There’s no way such a thing happened!!!  How are you doing recently?’

Seunghyun said he was touched to see that Jin was still recognized and greeted warmly.  She said that even though BTS is already famous, the members still behave very modestly and treat people who are not really close to them.

Some netizens’ comments about Seunghyun’s story about Jin:

 – Of course it’s Seokjin!!!

 – It’s really Bangtan!!  And Seunghyun is pretty too, I think she was almost a part of GFriend, right?

 – Big Hit’s female trainee is really pretty and has a good temperament.

 – As expected, you can still count on Jin!!

 – I feel warm and proud!!

 -But Seunghyun is so pretty!!

 – Wow, she must have been surprised and touched when Jin greeted her first.

 – SeokJin is very humble and kind.  I’m glad his popularity hasn’t changed him and he’s still such a nice and humble guy.

 – Kim Seokjin is really an angel.  This proves that Seokjin’s personality really is that good.

 – Many people have recounted their memories of BTS.  Each story is different but their humility is unchanged.

Source: Tinnhac