1st episode of “Dr. Romantic 3” will air on April 28th, following the end of “Taxi Driver 2”

Season 3 of hit K-drama series “Dr. Romantic” confirmed its first broadcast schedule on April 28th.

SBS’s new Fri-Sat drama “Dr. Romantic 3” (written by Kang Eun Kyung and Lim Hye Min/ directed by Yoo In Sik and Kang Bo Seung) is a drama that depicts the story of a “real doctor” set in the background of Doldam Hospital, a hospital in the countryside. Known as a mega-hit drama of SBS, which recorded the highest viewer rating of 27% for both Season 1 (2016) and Season 2 (2020), “Dr. Romantic” has been receiving explosive attention since it announced the comeback news with Season 3 after three years.

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In Season 3, the male lead Han Suk Kyu, who played Kim Sa Bu, is joined by his co-stars from Season 2, including Ahn Hyo Seop, Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Min Jae, Jin Kyung, Im Won Hee, and Byun Woo Min. The series successfully led viewers to sympathize with the appearance of young doctors who grow while learning from Kim Sa Bu, and those who fight to save patients. Expectations are high for the upgraded chemistry of the Doldam team, who boasted strong teamwork.

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PD Yoo In Sik, who directed the global hit “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, and Kang Eun Kyung, who wrote hit stories, such as “Bread, Love and Dreams”, “Gu Family Book”, “What Happens to my Family”, “Where Star Lands”, and so on, are raising fans’ anticipation for their third collaboration after Seasons 1 and 2 with a well-made Season 3.

Following the ending of Season 2, Season 3 will continue the story where Doldam Hospital, which had become independent from the large foundation, established Doldam Medical Foundation. The released teaser poster for Season 3, once again shows the romantic appearance and consolation of Kim Sa Bu, who has been protecting Doldam Hospital. As three years have passed since the last season, Season 3 is expected to portray the growth of Doldam Hospital and its doctors, along with more interesting stories and events to attract viewers.

“Dr. Romantic 3” will premiere at 10 p.m (KST) on April 28th as a follow-up drama to “Taxi Driver 2”.

Source: Nate

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