The fight between the online community and JTBC continues, JTBC issued an ultimatum against malicious actions

JTBC issued a notice of legal action to each community amid the growing controversy over JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop” (written by Yoo Hyun-mi, directed by Jo Hyun-tak). The channel threatened it will respond legally if the drama is affected by the fabricated and fragmented information.

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JTBC said in an official letter to each community, “We are trying to respond strongly in order to protect the creators, broadcasters, and content rights against the enormous damage caused by the spread of false information about the drama ‘Snowdrop’.”

JTBC explained, “We pursue freedom of creation and independence in content production and organization as core values. We also respect our content consumers’ rights, such as expressing criticism reasonably and interpreting our content. However, false information and groundless criticisms that are not true to the actual content of ‘Snowdrop’ have been spread continuously and repeatedly all over the place. From the early stages of the production, the synopsis was leaked, and malicious interpretations of the plot were distributed. Until now, many people are still making misleading public opinions that conclude false facts as if they were true.”

They added, “We have planned to respond strongly to groundless slanders and fabricated facts that are not related to the setting of ‘Snowdrop’. Moreover, we hope you will refrain from excessive personal attacks on ‘Snowdrop’ production team and cast actors.”


All online communities responded intensely to JTBC’s statement. Most netizens argued that this even prevents people’s freedom of posting their opinions. Therefore, the conflict between users on online communities and JTBC is expected to continue. The problem is that this response from JTBC will affect other contents. In fact, the production teams and casts of other programs have nothing to do with the controversy. However, if a boycott campaign happens to other programs just because they are released by JTBC, there is a high possibility that this will result in further damages.

Thus, the key is how JTBC will solve this problem. The situation depends on whether JTBC will go to the end of this with legal actions or it will resolve through dialogue with those who raised the issues against “Snowdrop” for the sake of other innocent programs and cast members. Above all, what JTBC has to remember is that there are people who have lived through the sad 80s as well as families who have protected them. Even when the work is fictional, but when parts of it are portrayed based on the truth, this will certainly come as an unpleasant experience to someone. The creator also needs to be responsible and consider the situation. This is as important as freedom of creation. If that free creative activity hurts someone, it is definitely not the right thing to do.

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The dice are already cast. How will Snowdrop’s controversies end? People are paying attention to how the situation will turn out in the future.

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