The female star who sexually harassed EXO Kai burst into tears when being investigated

Park Na Rae expressed regret over the crude 18+ jokes scandal and the sexual harassment towards Kai (EXO).

On April 30, the Gangbuk police station, Seoul, said that they are investigating the case of comedian Park Na Rae with 18+ offensive actions, words sexually harassing Kai (EXO) in the Hey Na Rae show.  This news has attracted great public’s attention.  The actress said she was also willing to cooperate honestly with the police, showing regret for this scandal.

KIn Live Alone, broadcast on the same afternoon, comedian Park Na Rae burst into tears in front of her grandparents.  To comfort her niece, her grandparents advised her:. “If you do something wrong, you have to admit it, then overcome it and continue your efforts. You must always be careful, this life is very difficult”.

During the set, the actress also repeatedly apologized for the scandal: “I thought a lot, that I let many people down. I apologize to the program members, because of me, they are hurt.”  

In front of the female actress’s crying expression, the members of the program I Live Alone comforted her.  The actress deeply regretted her mistake

Currently, the scandal of sexual harassment towards Kai (EXO) and the crude 18+ jokes of Park Na Rae are still the focus of the Korean newspapers.  The story begins on March 25, when the actress constantly has crude actions and words about 18+, using the slang “pepper” to refer to the male genitals to talk about Kai in the show  Hey Na Rae.

Initially, only netizens only made Park Na Rae apologize, delete the video, and withdraw from the program.  However, the incident became serious when the police entered the investigation of her sexual harassment.

Source: K14

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