The father of BTS V’s rumored girlfriend: 2015 Korea’s 50 Richest, has relationships with many celebrities, president of a controversial company

Who would have thought that the father of BTS V’s rumored girlfriend is the powerful president of a Korean conglomerate, having a net worth of almost 765 million USD.

On October 14, netizens were taken aback by the rumor that BTS’s V is dating the daughter of Paradise Group’s president – Philip Jeon. The rumor stemmed from V spotted attending the event with the president’s wife and daughter. HYBE immediately denied the rumors, stating that V and the president’s family are just acquaintances.

Netizens have quickly searched for the profile of the daughter of Paradise Group’s president, but it is difficult to find any information about this powerful daughter. Instead, netizens’ attention is drawn to the fact that Philip Jeon – the father of V’s rumored girlfriend – is a famous businessman in Asia, running a powerful corporation with the most luxurious hotel chain, casino, and resort in Korea.

Phillip Jeon V BTS
V is involved in a dating rumor…

Philip Jeon owns a fortune of up to 765 million USD and was listed among the Top 50 wealthiest people in Korea in 2015 by Forbes. He has appeared many times at the events organized by Paradise Group alongside famous celebrities of the entertainment industry, such as actor Kim Soo Hyun, male singer PSY and the couple Lee Byung HunLee Min Jung. The powerful actor Lee Byung Hun was even the face of Paradise Group.

Phillip Jeon V BTS
Philip Jeon was once included in Korea’s 50 richest people
Phillip Jeon V BTS
Lee Byung Hun used to be the face of Paradise Group

However, Paradise Group has been involved in several scandals during its operation. The most serious controversy is the reports of 3 female interns at a subsidiary of Paradise Group being sexually harassed by their senior colleagues in 2017. This happened for a long time. It was known that a female colleague reported the case to chiefs at their departments and holding company Paradise Group and demanded a disciplinary action, but nothing proceeded to resolve the situation. Eventually, all 3 workers quit their jobs and left the company. The incident was then reported to the Ministry of Employment and Labor as well as the Police Department. The suspects were then summoned and investigated twice.

In addition, Paradise Group reportedly underwent a special tax investigation by the National Tax Department, in 2006 and 2011. The company’s high-end resort complex also experienced a water leak on the ceiling in less than a month of opening, causing guests to evacuate.

Currently, the public in general and fans of BTS in particular around the world can’t help but be curious about the background of the girl who suddenly got involved in dating rumors with V.

Phillip Jeon V BTS
The luxury complex of Paradise Group used to be criticized for a water leak incident

Source: K14

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