The fans discovered the unexpected coincidence in the teaser of BTS and TWICE, what is it?

Is this the highlight for both BTS and TWICE comebacks?

At 0 o’clock on April 8 (local time), BTS officially released the first teaser for the comeback song titled “Boy With Luv” featuring the female singer Halsey. Fans especially paid attention to the last seconds of the teaser when BTS appeared with moves that could be the dance highlight with the song melody.
Teaser MV “Boy With Luv” – BTS (ft. Halsey)
BTS hand movements are found in the first “Boy With Luv” teaser

Beside BTS, TWICE’s comeback is also expected by fans. In recent days, TWICE has been constantly releasing teasers for “Fancy” – the group’s comeback song. Netizens immediately began to “spot” something in the teaser and immediately found the coincidence between TWICE and BTS teasers. In particular, TWICE has released a special hand-shaped teaser which is the same as BTS. The keyword of the teaser is also “FEVER” therefore the fans anticipate that TWICE wants to create a viral dance movement in the song again.

The teaser of TWICE with the hand movement which is very similar to BTS

In fact, before that, both groups also regularly “PR” for this movement. Will there be a coincidence in BTS dance moves and TWICE’s in this comeback? The answer will be shown when both products are released!

In fact, both TWICE …
… and BTS have been actively “hinting” with this “I Love U” hand sign, will there be a coincidence in the dance of the two groups?

Sources: kenh14

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