The famous Kpop girl group fell into a state of disruption that made fans extremely worried

With many Kpop girl groups disbanding in 2020, many fans of EVERGLOW are also worried if the girl group they love suddenly disappears for a while.

In 2020, many talented girl groups disbanded such as HINAPIA, gugudan, ANS, KHAN, etc … The common point of these disbandments is that they have disappeared for a long time, not releasing new products, also do not update anything on official accounts of the group.

Because of the above reasons, every time a girl group suddenly has similar signs, the group’s fandom and even netizens feel confused.  The most typical example is the case of EVERGLOW – a Kpop girl group that has just had a quite successful 2020.

EVERGLOW disbanded

Recently on Theqoo forum, a Knet drew attention with an article titled: ‘EVERGLOW is in a serious situation …’ According to some evidence that this fan pointed out, EVERGLOW has not appeared since December 2020.

EVERGLOW disbanded
EVERGLOW disbanded

However, on December 1, Yuehua Entertainment suddenly announced that 2 members Yiren and Sihyeon had given positive results for COVID-19.  The company also stated that although the remaining 4 members were tested negative, they would still quarantine themselves for 2 weeks.  Some people believe that EVERGLOW’s absence may be due to health reasons, but many Knet believe that truth is not like that.

Specifically, the quarantine period lasted only about 2 weeks and 4 members of the group had negative results but until now, there has been no news about the group.  Whether it’s Christmas or New Year, not a single member of the group shows up to send messages to fans – while this is something that almost any Kpop idol will do.  The company also did not post any further information about the health status of Yiren and Suhyeon.

EVERGLOW disbanded

Theqoo’s post: ‘EVERGLOW members visit the group’s fancafe every day, but from December 1st they have stopped joining the fancafe.  No one knows if they are sick or well, at home or in the dormitory.  There is no news about them although the other Yuehua artists are still working normally.  What the hell is Yuehua doing? ‘

Immediately, many rumors of EVERGLOW disbandment arose that made fans even more confused.  There are Knet who think that after all, not having any news about the members right now is still too ‘cruel’ for fans who are worried about the group’s health and activities.

However, others think things might not be that bad, especially since EVERGLOW has had a successful year with hits like ‘DUN DUN’ and ‘LA DI DA’.  They thought that maybe the group was just taking a break for a new plan and Yuehua was too slow to update news.

 Some comments of Knet about the status of EVERGLOW:

– What happened to EVERGLOW ??

 – Why?  Doesn’t the group have a lot of international fans?

 – Their fans must be very worried right now.  Why doesn’t anyone update any news?

 – How are the two members positive for COVID-19 now?

– I can completely understand their situation right now.  Perhaps they have decided to take a break after a year.

EVERGLOW also had a break between comebacks before but they always updated the news with fans.

EVERGLOW disbanded

Sources: tinnhac

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