The expert explains why Lisa’s bangs (BLACKPINK) are worth a hundred billion

What is the reason behind Lisa (BLACKPINK) ‘s special love for her bangs?

Recently, Lisa’s famous bangs become a hot topic after the Thai female idol mentioned her hair on Knowing Brothers.Lisa joked that she wouldn’t get rid of her bangs for less than ₩10.0 billion (about $8.91 million).

However, does anyone know why Lisa loves her bangs so much? In a new YouTube video, Korean style consultant RareLee explained the reason behind Lisa’s commitment to bangs. It is known that many people always feel inferior about their high forehead, so they cut bangs to cover them up. However, according to RareLee, that’s certainly not the case for Lisa. On the rare occasion, the main dancer has been seen with her bangs brushed aside, it’s clear her forehead is the perfect size. RareLee thought the real reason is because of her eyes. The maknae of BLACKPINK is famous for having beautiful big round eyes like a doll.

However, there is one special thing that not everyone pays attention to. The gap between Lisa’s eyebrows and her eyes is quite short. According to RareLee, a longer distance between the eyes and eyebrows creates a “soft and serene” look. A shorter distance, on the other hand, creates a charismatic, “boyish” charm. The style consultant went on to explain that full bangs obscure the distance between Lisa’s eyes and eyebrows. This accentuates the doll-like image she’s known for, creating a perfectly chic and sweet aura.

Sources: koreaboo

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