The evidence that sparks the dating rumor between BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Mark Tuan

Netizens are curious whether these are just coincidences or Rosé and her rumored boyfriend were actually dropping a “hint”?

So far, BLACKPINK Rosé has not had any official dating news. However, she has been involved in many dating rumors. She even has a “rumored boyfriend” whom fans ship her with from year to year with an extremely high-quality series of “hints”! That person is none other than GOT7’s Mark. Among them, the first “evidence” that sparks the dating rumors between two idols comes from a song of Mark.

In 2018, Mark released a solo song titled OMW. On September 13, he posted a clip of his solo song with the caption “On my way”. Coincidentally, on the same day, Rosé shared a picture of herself during her trip to New York captioned “On my way”.

Although it might be just a coincidence, Rosé writing a caption related to Mark’s new song at that time made many fans excited. Notably, 3 years later, Rosé made her solo debut with a song titled On The Ground written by herself.

When fans check out the lyrics of the two songs, it is easy to notice the surprising similarities. Both songs are about love, burning passion, always moving forward to achieve success.

For example, in On The Ground, there is a line: “I worked my whole life just to get high, just to realize, everything I need is on the ground”.

Mark’s OMW also has a line that conveys the similar meaning: “This is for my dream, this is for my love. Every time I run, I’m just moving on and on”.

Obviously, fans don’t suspect the two of dating only based on their songs’ lyrics. Fans have noticed many other “moments” of the duo. Recently, this rumor has once again become a trending topic on social media when Rosé and Mark are currently both in Paris (France) to attend Paris Fashion Week. After Rosé and Jisoo checked in at the Eiffel Tower, Mark also shared photos of him taken at the same place. Netizens couldn’t help but speculate that the two had a date at this romantic location.

Because of the excitement, many fans kept mentioning the couple’s name on Twitter. Earlier today (September 29), Mark suddenly posted an implicit tweet, but it is safe to assume that he was referring to the rumors of him dating Rosé.

mark tuan blackpink rose

Mark wrote: “Yall too funny… stop now” with a clown emoji. He then quickly deleted the tweet.

All of these are only speculations and rumors. However, it is undeniable that Mark and Rosé are one of the most “shipped” couples by fans.

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