The downfall of NCT Lucas: The goods fans used to compete to buy now end up at the garbage dump?

Because of a huge scandal in his career, the SM male idol has lost the trust of many fans.

Lucas used to be a top fan attractor of NCT/WayV thanks to his eye-catching visuals and model-like body. As one of the visual members, Lucas always has the most sought-after posters and goodies with his face printed on.

However, the expensive posters that fans used to compete to buy are now thrown away. Recently, the picture of a large poster of Lucas appearing at the garbage dump has been widely spread by netizens.  According to the original poster, the poster was picked up by a cleaning lady from the dump to use as a tablecloth.

Lucas’s large poster was picked up from a landfill to use as a tablecloth

When his scandal broke out, fans did not hesitate to tear and throw away different goodies, photo cards and posters of the male idol.

From a top idol of SM, Lucas has ruined his career when his large fandom no longer has faith in him.  At the end of August, Lucas was involved in the biggest scandal of his career related to past relationships.  Specifically, Lucas was accused by a series of ex-girlfriends and boyfriends of cheating, having unsafe sexual intercourse, badmouthing his group members and TV shows, taking advantage of fans, etc.

Lucas is currently suspending his activities. According to SM, the male idol is taking time to reflect. In the near future, maybe Lucas will return with NCT, but the fans’ feelings towards him cannot stay the same anymore.

Lucas used to be an outstanding member of WayV/NCT

Source: K14

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