The difference between photos taken by fans and photos taken by journalists of K-Pop female visuals

When photos taken by fansites are always gorgeously ethereal, those taken by journalists are 100% real.


The legendary beauty of “nation’s first love” Suzy has been proven. No matter what it is, photoshopped or not, the actress’s pure beauty still shines enough to melt the heart of her fans.


Yoona (Girls’ Generation)’s fans always take pride in their idol’s legendary visual with unblemished smooth skin. In reality, her natural beauty is also highly complimented.


With an appearance which is much younger than her actual age, whether it is a fantaken or not, Dara still left her fans in awe with her beauty. Many say that it’s hard to believe that the 2NE1 ex-member is already 36 years old.


Irene (Red Velvet) is always described as an ethereal fairy in photos taken by her fansites. However, in photos of journalists, without the photo effect, the female idol is said to be “not as ethereal as how her fans always say”.


Jennie (BLACKPINK) is known to have a healthy tanned skin tone. Thanks to her fans’ editing, she went through a big transformation in her fantakens.

Ji Soo

Even though it was the same occurrence at the airport, but Jisoo (BLACKPINK)’s fansite photos and journalists’ photo are quite different.


Tzuyu (TWICE)’s beauty is always highly appreciated by the netizens. The photos taken by the journalists always show the graceful aura of the Taiwanese idol. Comparing to her fansite photos, the only difference was her skin tone.


Mina (TWICE) is seen as the “elegant goddess” of K-Pop due to her graceful and soft vibe. If Mina is portrayed as a cold royalty miss in her fantaken photos, she is much more friendly-looking and sweeter in the journalists’ lens.


Nancy is always a famous member of MOMOLAND’s line-up. Thanks to her sharp facial features, Nancy in fansite photos and news photos don’t have much difference.

Jung Chae Yeon

Jung Chae Yeon (DIA) once melted the heart of the audience with her “princess” appearance at the SBS Drama Awards 2017. Without Photoshop, Chaeyeon is still gorgeous but less the fairytale-ish vibe.


Hana (Gugudan) is noticed for her pure but icy beauty. Thanks to her smooth skin, journalists’ photos can do nothing to her.

Sakura Miyawaki

Sakura (IZ*ONE) is called “the goddess of cherry blossom” by her fans. Her pure and pretty appearance gives everyone a bright and cheery feeling.

Yeon Woo

Yeon Woo (Momoland) looks much sharper in photos taken and edited by fans.

Na Kyung

Recently, Na Kyung (fromis_9) has become a hot topic of netizens thanks to her visual which is compared to that of a manga character. These unedited photos prove that Na Kyung’s visual is indeed worth the praise.

Source: iOne

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