The difference between EXO D.O and actor Do Kyung Soo

D.O? Do Kyung Soo? Do D.O?

Although he originally debuted as EXO’s main vocal, he is more familiar to general public as an actor by the name Do Kyung Soo. What amazing is that when he’s a member of EXO, he emits fierce with his powerful voice, but when he acts, he’s like a natural born actor. That’s why he can gain a huge fan base with his popularity.

D.O made his debut as an EXO member in 2012 and quickly became the top idol. The cute boy’s visual has attracted fans with his manly personality, surprisingly.

In particular, his bright eyes with heart-shaped lips have stunned the netizens many times. What a unique visual!

Meanwhile, a life changing path has comes to D.O. He had ann opportunity to show his “Actor Do Kyung Soo” side by starring as Tae Young in the 2014 film “Cart”.

Do Kyung Soo was highly praised from his first attempt at acting. After that, he got to star in movies such as “Pure Love” “My Annoying Brother”, “Room No.7” and had a role in dramas such as “It’s OK, It’s Love” and “Be Positive”. Some people don’t even know that D.O is actually Do Kyung Soo because of his outstanding acting skills and great presence as an actor.

Director Kim Yong Hwa said, “Do Kyung Soo is an actor with lots of talent. He’s very potential to the point that in the field, actors like Ha Jung Woo, who is seasoned in acting, recognized him and even gave him applause to praise his acting skills.

As an actor, he has won several awards. Some of them are “Most Popular Actor” in the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards and “Best New Actor” in the 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards

On the upcoming September 10th, Kyung Soo’s first historical drama “My 100 Days Prince” on tvN will be broadcasted for the first time, so let’s wait and meet Prince Kyung Soo soon!

However, being a successful actor doesn’t mean he has forgotten his identity as EXO D.O. There have been endless hit songs such as “Kokobop”, “POWER”, “CALL ME BABY”, “DANCING KING”, “LOVE ME RIGHT”, “Growl”, ‘Monster”, “Miracles Of December” and “MAMA”. There, D.O has presented various visuals and charm matched each song’s concept.

It’s frustrating that fans haven’t heard any news of an EXO comeback since the special winter album “Universe” released last December. Let’s wait for good news and while doing that, how about watching actor Do Kyung Soo’s latest TV drama?

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