The cryptic message from Mark’s dad about Mark’s future in GOT7

A few hours ago, Mark’s dad posted in twitter and it’s causing a controversial issue.

On August 23, Mark’s dad Raymond Tuan tweeted,
In the past, when you reach your sophomore year in high school you start to choose a college to study at… Mark’s contract still has 2 years left. Will he renew or choose to be independent? He needs to start preparing….

Mark debuted with GOT7 in 2014 and according to his father, his contract with JYP Entertainment is coming to an end in 2 years. Following papa Tuan‘s post, fans are already growing concerned about Mark’s future whether he possibly leaving GOT7 in 2 years. Moreover, some even criticized Mark’s dad, commenting, ‘‘Not to disrespect papa tuan but this isn’t a platform to say all these especially when their comeback is near.’’ and ‘‘In all due respect for mark’s dad i wish he didn’t tweet that…like i understand as a dad he’s concerned about mark’s future but could he please ask mark about it privately ?? he’s only gonna make fans worried/doubt mark and possibly shorten his career as an idol’’

And some fans were enough alert to protect Mark’s father, they comment, ‘‘Calm down people, if you love Mark, love Got7, just support them no matter what decisions they’re making. It’s their life, their career, they know what’s best for them. Papa Tuan is Mark’s dad, he’s allow to say anything, I don’t see the reason for putting the blame on Papa!’

So how Mark‘s future is? Will he leave Got7? What are your thoughts on the controversial tweet?

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