The combination of Black Pink and Red Velvet: A super girlgroup with contrary spirits

Merging Black Pink and Red Velvet together with the same subject, the results really surprised fans.

Black Pink has just make their comeback with the mini album “Square Up” and keeps breaking many record all over the world. Due to Black Pink’s successful comeback, recently the girlgroup of YG has been compared to other rivals such as TWICE or Red Velvet. On June 18th, a fan made a stir as they engrafted Black Pink’s new promotional image with Red Velvet’s one. Although they are friends in real life, Black Pink and Red Velvet are the the representatives of the two big rivals YG and SM Entertainment nonetheless. However, when we merge the pictures of the two girlgroups together, the result was kind of unexpected.

By putting the members of Black Pink and Red Velvet together, we have a super girlgroup with super beautiful looks, super charisma and super talents. The images of the two girlgroups are so suitable that even their fans was so surprised. However, when we compare their two posters with the same pink theme and the same girl-crush concept, we can see that Black Pink is more about cool and unique meanwhile Red Velvet is more about sexy and feminine.

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