The cold public opinion regards Kim Seon-ho’s advertisement return: “I’m terminating my 11Street membership” 

Actor Kim Seon-ho’s advertisement for e-commerce platform 11Street has returned, and a boycott is taking place among some netizens. 

On the morning of Nov 1st, 11Street released a Kim Seon-ho video advertisement for their promotion campaign to announce the “11.11 Festival” on its official YouTube channel “11Street 11TV.” In the advertisement, Kim Seon-ho smiled brightly and made the number 11 with his fingers to promote the shopping festival. 

Earlier, 11Street went through a quick breakthrough by taking down all of Kim Seon-ho’s photos on its official website and SNS after controversy over Kim Seon-ho’s private life erupted. However, as public opinion has started to tilt toward Kim Seon-ho as entertainment media Dispatch raised suspicions about his ex-girlfriend, some advertisements started to return, including 11Street, and reuploaded Kim Seon-ho’s advertisement again.

Some are giving a cold reaction at Kim Seon-ho’s advertisement return. More than 3,000 tweets have been posted with the hashtag “#I’m_terminating_my_11street_membership_because_of_Kim_Seonho” which is currently on Twitter’s real-time trend chart. 

Netizens captured the termination process of their 11Street membership and their reasons for the termination, such as “I don’t want to use 11Street while looking at the face of a male actor who forced an abortion,” and “After seeing that 11Street is still using Kim Seon-ho as their advertising model, the image of 11Street has become so bad and unpleasant.

An online community is also holding a relay to certify their membership withdrawal from 11Street. Members expressed their opinions such as “There are many shopping malls other than 11Street, I don’t have any reason to use it,” and “I don’t want to see the face of the actor who force an abortion.”

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