The close friendship that I.O.I Chungha, Nayoung, Doyeon, and Somi have maintained

The members of the girl group I.O.I showed their unchanged friendship.

Chungha released a photo taken with I.O.I members on her Instagram account on November 3. She gathered together with Nayoung, Doyeon, and Somi to prove their solid teamwork.

Four people found a restaurant. It was a Kalguksu restaurant run by Nayoung‘s parents. The members have met face to face with each other and confirmed their close relationship.

Their cute visuals also caught everyone’s eyes. Four of them were bright-faced, giving off a lovely look.

“I guess they’re still close to each other,” a netizen who saw the photo said. “It was so nice to see them. I need I.O.I to reunite,” another one also added.

On the other hand, I.O.I disbanded last January after their last solo concert. They are currently working as solo artists with their groups.

Source: Dispatch

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