The Chinese idols of 2 girlgroups announced upcoming activities in their hometown, raising worry about the future of groups.

The fact that the Chinese members of the two girlgroups are solo and will not promote with their groups raises the question that they will leave the groups.

On September 3rd, the agency of WJSN, Starship Entertainment has made an announcement, making fans of the group upset. They said that three Chinese members: ChengXiao, MeiQi and XuanYi would not participate in the upcoming promotions starting from September 19th. The reason is that MeiQi and XuanYi are promoting with Rocket Girls and ChengXiao is now on a busy schedule in her hometown.

On the same day, PRISTIN’s Chinese member, KyulKyung also announced that she would have solo activities in her hometown. She will be debuting with the single “WHY” scheduled to be released on September 6th.

The Chinese idols of 2 girlgroups announced upcoming activities in their hometown, raising worry about the future of groups.

ChengXiao, MeiQi, XuanYi (WJSN) and KyulKyung (PRISTIN) all will focus on the activities in their hometown.

After reading the above information, netizens are worried about the future of the two girlgroups because it is likely that the Chinese members will start to focus on the activities in their hometown after few years acting as an idol. This is not an unfounded suspicion because in the past, the same thing happened to the members of Super Junior (HanGeng) and EXO (Kris, Tao, LuHan).

One of the reasons why Chinese idols prefer to work in their hometown is because China is the most potential market in Asia. Idols who return from Korea with the ability to sing and act in a film will gain more reputation than when being a member of a K-pop idol group. The fact that HanGeng has built for himself an empire in China with a variety of films and music products after leaving Super Junior should be mentioned as well.

Besides, developing oneself in the areas of films and dramas is also a sustainable and long-lasting alternative to music, especially the music of Kpop idols, who usually do not have long-lasting career. To be honest, Kris, Luhan and Tao have received great support from the audience in their hometown after returning to China.

This is how Luhan crushed the rumour of disagreement which makes Tao tired of being alive

To sum up, having a Chinese member in the group or allowing them to work in their hometown is a good idea for entertainment companies to increase the popularity of idols. However, this needs to be considered more carefully to prevent idols who are fully developed from leaving the group and returning to their hometown to advance their careers.

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