The cast of new drama ‘Tomorrow’ boasts amazing synchronization with the original webtoon in first poster

On February 9th, MBC released a poster for ‘Tomorrow‘, a highly anticipated drama in the first half of 2022. The teaser poster features the main cast including Kim Hee Sun (46), Rowoon (27), Lee Soo Hyuk (35), and Yoon Ji On (33), who boast a high synchronization with their webtoon counterparts.

The aura from the visuals of four people looking down at someone from the rooftop feels intense. Based on their expressions, they seem to be looking at something urgent, raising curiosity about the story that will unfold in the future.

The cast of Tomorrow

‘Tomorrow’, which will premiere in March following ‘Tracer‘, depicts the story of grim reapers who save those who want to die. In the past, grim reapers were often portrayed as those who lead the dead to the underworld, so ‘Tomorrow’ is drawing keen attention to its different concept.

The cast of Tomorrow

In ‘Tomorrow‘, Kim Hee Sun takes on the role of Gu Ryun, the charismatic crisis management team leader of a monopolistic underworld called ‘Joomadeung’. Rowoon plays Choi Jun Woong, a contract employee of the crisis management team, who unexpectedly gets his first job in the underworld in a state of ‘half-human and half-soul’. Lee Soo Hyuk transforms into Park Joong Gil, the cold leader of the guiding management team at ‘Joomadeung’. Yoon Ji On plays Lim Ryung Gu, the deputy director who takes care of work-life balance and handles accidents of the crisis management team.

The cast of Tomorrow
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