The boy groups that have dominated K-Pop in the 2010s

Many people think that BTS has been the most famous K-pop boy group since 2018, or even further since 2016.

On the Korean forum Nate Pann, a netizen has recently listed the male groups that were said to dominate the Kpop music market in the 2010s (from 2010 to 2019). Their dominance was determined by a variety of factors, such as having famous hits, #1 on music charts, their popularity, and impressive album sale-record,…

2010: BEAST

2011: BEAST


2013: EXO

2014: EXO

2015: EXO and BIGBANG

2016: EXO

2017: Wanna One

2018: Wanna One

2019: BTS

The above list has caused quite a lot of controversy on Korean SNS, especially when BTS – the most popular boy group in Kpop today, has only taken the lead once in 2019. Some people believed that has been the #1 boy group of Kpop since 2018. Meanwhile, some netizens caused even more controversy when claiming that BTS has been at the top since 2016.

The male groups that have dominated K-Pop in the 2010s

– “2015 should be BIGBANG alone. How can they be in the same place with EXO?”

– “From 2016 to now, it’s all BTS”

– “I absolutely can’t understand why there are people who claim that BTS has dominated since 2016. That year the group who collected all the Daesang was EXO”

– “Isn’t 2018 must be BTS?”

– “2013 – 2016 is EXO. 2017 is Wanna One. 2018 until now is BTS”

– “Other years I can’t say for sure but 2017 and 2018 is definitely Wanna One”

The male groups that have dominated K-Pop in the 2010s

– “It must be BTS’s dominance from 2016 to 2018”

– “2004 – 2006: TVXQ. 2007 – 2008: BIGBANG. 2009: 2PM. 2010 – 2011: BEAST. 2012: Big Bang. 2013 – 2014: EXO. 2015: BIGBANG. 2016: EXO. 2017: Wanna One. 2018 – 2021: BTS. This is much more correct”

– “Wanna One never once topped the overall album chart that year, how can they be considered as the top of Kpop? ㅋㅋㅋ”

– “In 2015, EXO is completely inferior ㅋㅋ From digital music, votes, Gallup, YouTube, SNS, expert reviews, it’s all Big Bang dominating”

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