The Blue House revealed BTS’ photos at Hanbul concert, President Moon Jae-in gave a big smile

The Blue House has unveiled photos of the boy group BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook).

On the morning of October 15, the Blue House said on their official SNS: “Music and performances transcend languages, countries and races. We have come to this place with our passion for music that transcends languages, and the persistence of always showing better music. Yes, it is a BTS stage that is rewriting K-pop’s record.”

On the previous day (local time), they also posted a picture with the message: “This is a concert of Korean music – a concert of Korean friendship.” 

In the photos revealed, BTS came on stage to perform, President Moon Jae-in and Mrs. Kim Jung-sook watched them smiling. BTS attended a concert of Korean music and Korean Buddhist friendship held at the Treasium Art Theater in Paris on October 14 (local time) and performed the stage with a total of 400 people watching the concert.

According to the Blue House, the carbon-propelled leader, RM, came on stage on the day and said: “It is a real honor to be able to take part in a meaningful event for the guests of both countries. We are on a European tour and we are planning to hold our concert in Paris in a few days. I ask for a lot of support. And I hope that various genres and artists of Korea will be introduced through cultural exchange.”

In addition to BTS, the concert also featured Blackstring, a traditional fusion music team, and MOON GOGO group.

BTS is currently carrying out a global tour called “LOVE YOURSELF” in Europe.

Source: nate

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