The Blue House refuted the claim saying the Blue House is utilizing BTS’s popularity, “BTS was invited separately by the UN”

Regarding the criticism claiming the Blue House is taking advantage of BTS’s popularity, the Blue House refuted, “We wonder if it is necessary to interpret this invitation politically.”

The Blue House refuted the claim saying the Blue House utilizing BTS's popularity, “BTS was invited separately by the UN”

Along with President Moon Jae In, BTS gave a speech at the high-level meeting of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Moment) held at the UN General Assembly in New York, USA.

On the latest episode of MBC radio, “Kim Jong Bae’s Focus”, senior presidential secretary for public communication Park Soo Hyun showed up and shared, “I hope people evaluate things as they truly are”. He continued, “President Moon was the only member of the United Nations to be invited as a state leader for SDG Moment. It’s such an honor, isn’t it?”. He further explained, “The theme of this UN General Assembly is how to lead the future generations while overcoming the pandemic. In that respect, they invited the president of Korea, the country that is overcoming the pandemic well.”

Regarding inviting BTS as the representative of the future generations, he said, “We didn’t invite BTS, but it was the UN who invited them. The UN sent their invitation to President Moon and BTS separately. This is enough to feel proud and confident in the dignity, status, and culture of Korea that have grown this much. However, we wonder if it’s necessary to interpret the invitation of the UN politically.”

When asked, “It seems like BTS is more popular than President Moon, isn’t it?”, Park Soo Hyun said, “Isn’t it proud when BTS is considered the best artist in the world? Rather than evaluating them as an individual artist named BTS, you can be happy that the entire Republic of Korea is evaluated as if the Korean flag is flown to the world.”

On September 20, at the SDG Moment event, President Moons spoke, “We will always be together as firm partners in the journey of inclusive international cooperation in which no one is alienated.” Then he introduced the 7-member boygroup BTS, who was invited as the representative of young people and the special presidential envoy for future generations and culture, to give a speech one by one. After they delivered a message of hope for the young generations, a performance video of “Permission To Dance” recorded at the UN headquarter was shown. At 9 AM on September 23, this video already exceeded 13.89 million views and became the most-viewed video on the UN‘s Youtube account.

Sources: chosun

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