The BLACKPINK girls’ funny heart-shapes make fans laugh out loud

Often making heart shapes to express their love to fans, but BLACKPINK girls always “fail”.

K-pop idols often have many different ways to express their love for their fans. As for BLACKPINK, the girls often make hearts to send their love to BLINKs. However, the interesting thing is that the group constantly “dropped” the heart in the wrong way, creating many funny situations.

Jisoo and Rosé, two BLACKPINK members, got to the airport on September 25 to travel to Paris for Fashion Week. The duo’s appearance drew the attention of numerous reporters and fans right immediately. To express gratitude to BLINKs who came to support, Jisoo – Rosé together made a heart shape.


It’s worth noting that the two’s hand positions weren’t equivalent, resulting in a deviated heart. Both of the females were taken aback and surprised. Following this first failure, the two BLACKPINK girls swiftly rectified the heart shape to send fans with a full love sign.


At the Inkigayo stage during the How You Like That promotion, fans also witnessed Jennie and Jisoo’s super funny heart-shaped moment. The two constantly misunderstood each other and made different heart shapes.


Jisoo and Rosé recreated the “heart incident” when performing How You Like That at Inkigayo. It was not possible to form a complete heart since both girls were using their left hands. After that, Rosé quickly used her free hand to coordinate well with Jisoo and the two’s unique heart-shape was born.


Despite previous failures, BLACKPINK girls are still enthusiastic about this pose.

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