The best social butterfly in Kpop: close to the beauties of Black Pink, Red Velvet and SNSD

The member of Red Velvet has such an admirable friendship with the Kpop top fine beauties.

Yeri (Red Velvet), who is famous for being sociableand has a network of friends with many popular names in Kpop. Among herfriends, there are many beautiful visuals such as Taeyeon, Yoona (SNSD), Jennie(Black Pink), Nayeon (TWICE). ..

Who else can chat and hold hands these famous people like Yeri? Heechul, Seungri may be the “foreign minister” of K-pop, but perhaps Yeri is much better at socializing when she is close to themost beautiful as well as powerful visuals in Korea.

1. Nayeon (TWICE)

TWICE and Red Velvet are considered rivals, but the two are quite close, especially Nayeon and Yeri. TWICE’s eldest’s nickname for Yeri is YemYemi. They both use the coupling ring to express theirfriendship. The two idols do not hesitate to interact intimately in front ofthe camera.

Couple rings of two fine girls from two competing groups
Yeri phoned Nayeon’s to wish her a happy birthday on a live broadcast
In the “Idol Star Athletics Championships”, the two are constantly stuck together despite being in different groups.
Yeri as a naughty sister ran to Nayeon’s to pat her bottom from behind
On the reality show “Secret Unnie”, Yeri also facetime with the TWICE member in front of the camera and introduced her as her third sister.

At the music events, whenever there is Red Velvet and TWICE, fans will catch more photos which show the Yeri-Nayeon series.

2. Rosé, Jennie (BlackPink)

Red Velvet’s member, the goddess who was born in 1999, has a close relationship with two members from Black Pink. Each time the two meet in the awards or music show, Rose and Jennie come to talk and hug Yeri with an extremely sweet manner.

Red Velvet member and YG female idol chatting while standing side by side on stage
Often seems cold, however, when next to Yeri, Jennie looks very kind
Seeing her youngest Red Velvet friend, Rosé showed the joy and give her close friend a warm embrace.
When it’s time to break up, both are still attached and don’t want to leave
This is the couple that loves to hug in all circumstances
Obviously, Red Velvet and Black Pink are competing, but seeing Rose and Yeri does not seem to be two rivals at all.

3. Taeyeon, Yoona (SNSD)

It seems that with the cute image, the member of Red Velvet easily “conquer” the two powerful women of SNSD. Despite the age difference of 9-10 years old, but the top two Kpop Taeyeon and Yoona seem to ignore the generations gap and became also an extremely close with their junior. On the show “Secret Unnie“, Yeri also introduced two SNSD seniors as her first, second sister. The female idol from Red Velvet also revealed she often went to sleep at Taeyeon’s house, which is enough to prove their relationship.

Taeyeon did not hesitate to show her photo with the Red Velvet member on Instagram. There is a sweet skinship moment in each picture.
Both appear at the airport closely even though they are not from the same group.
Yeri often goes to Taeyeon’s house to play with her puppy dog
Yoona is also close to juniors despite the 9-year-old gap.
SNSD members have a lot of fun playing with Yeri
The youngest of Red Velvet seems genuinely happy whenever she meets Yoona, like a child running to hug the senior.

4. Irene (Red Velvet)

The privilege of being cared for and sharing the same room as “goddess of beauty” Irene is something that only Yeri can have. The male fans can’t help but blush with jealousy. When they first debuted, Irene was Yeri‘s roommate. As the eldest sister, Irene cared for the youngest like a mother. According to Yeri, “the most beautiful goddessof SM” is also ironing her uniform and waking her up every morning, incontrast to the cold appearance on the stage.

With an 8-year-old difference, but the two are the closest in the group
Irene always cares for the youngest. Sometimes she looks like her bodyguard…
sometimes like a nanny, to immediately cover Yeri with a blanket as she was wearing a short skirt.

Source: Kenh 14

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