The best plot twist of the year: Are Taeyeon and Ravi really in a love relationship?

On the morning of December 27, Joy News 24 reported that Taeyeon (SNSD) and Ravi (VIXX) have been dating for a year.  However, SM Entertainment quickly denied it.

However, in the afternoon, Ravi’s close assistant revealed to Joynews24 that Taeyeon and Ravi were dating: “It’s true that they’re dating. Please do not make any guesses so they can have a good relationship.”

After that, Ravi ‘s management company declared that the two were just senior – close juniors.

This statement has made netizens confused because they do not know who to trust.  This morning, Taeyeon’s side denied it, then suddenly in the afternoon, Ravi ‘s company admitted the dating news and then denied.

Joynews24 reported that the two had been dating for about a year. They met through Hyeri (Girl’s Day), and have been dating, even going on a Christmas date recently. On the 25th, Joynews24 caught the pair enjoying a date at Ravi’s house. Ravi picked Taeyeon up from her place in Seongsu-dong, and then went to his place in Seonleung.

Many fans believe that the couple is actually dating.  However, because they kept it in secret, that led to such incident

Sources: k14

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